Opening managed system's Webmin from Cloudmin does not show all links

This behavior is rather new, don't know if it has to do with recent Cloudmin/Virtualmin/Webmin updates. But basically in the past, when I selected a managed Webmin System from Cloudmin, I could open Webmin in a new tab directly and be logged in as root and see all the features. Now, when I do that, I only see System Information page on the right, and on the left I only see the Webmin tab (the destination system in this case also has Virtualmin, it does not show up at all) and the only links unter the Webmin tab are "Webmin Servers Index" and "System and Server Status", that's it (see attached screenshot). This makes it rather useless as is, as I need to actually log on to the system in question to be able to use Webmin in any meaningful way.



Try changing the theme on the remote system to the old "Virtualmin Framed Theme" and see if that makes a difference.

Yes, sorry forgot to tell you about that. I switched to Virtualmin Framed on both Cloudmin and the remote system, same problem occurs.

Could you attach another screenshot when using that theme?

Wow, it looks like the window is being cut off at a certain fixed width.

Which browser are you using there?

Oh, nono, that's just me cropping the screenshot :) I tested with Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Ok, perhaps cloudmin is configured to connect to the remote system as a non-root Webmin user? You can configure this on the Change Password page for the VM.

Oooh... that rings a bell! I recently enabled two-factor authentication for the root user on all Webmin systems, and Cloudmin didn't like that so I had to add another user... probably did some mistakes there. Sorry for wasting your time! :(

OK, that would explain it - by design, Cloudmin cannot login to a remote system automatically if it has two-factor enabled.