Create virtual servers - sample but FTP users??


I am using the virtualmin. I have an error today. I created virtual-servers like "" but FTP user "" as opened.

I want to ftp user name is

what should I do?


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Howdy -- hmm, I did some testing and I can't seem to reproduce an issue like you're describing.

Can you show us a screenshot of your "Edit Users" screen?

Virtualmin will remove numeric prefixes on domain names when selecting a username, as logins that start with a number can be confused with a UID by some commands (ie. those for managing quotas).

Jamie, are there cases where it won't do that? I created a domain and set of users all beginning with a number and didn't run into the issue that's being described.

Virtualmin should change a numeric prefix to a word for the domain owner account in all cases.

Hi Andreychek and JamieCameron,

my Webmin version 1.750

1.750 edit users page;

Virtual server administration user's mailbox details Username
Real name

other my Webmin version 1.730 (this versiyon )

1.730 edit users page;

Virtual server administration user's mailbox details Username
Real name

why change a numeric prefix to a word...

where am I looking ?


Maybe on the second system the domain was created with an older version of Virtualmin, which didn't enforce this conversion?

It is necessary because some Linux commands don't handle usernames that start with a digit properly (ie. the output from the repquota and quota commands).

Here can we get any solution ? I am having virtualmin 5.0 version where I can create with administration usernam 1100Version but in version 5.05 version while I am creating same domain then its getting converted

This behavior is intentional, as there are cases where a user beginning with a number can cause problems.

Sorry, there unfortunately isn't a way around that particular behavior other than using usernames that don't begin with a number.