Missing Bridge column in KVM Host Settings

I am setting up a new Cloudmin KVM system and comparing its settings to ones of the existing one I can't find Bridge column in KVM Host Settings. On the existing system this column is there as shown in the attached screenshot. Can you please guide me how to get that column?



Cloudmin will only show the option to select a bridge if there is more than one defined on the host system.

Strange enough, but as you can see on the attached screenshot the system ash only one bridge. I think this system could have initially two bridges, but I removed br1 because br0 was working just fine. So probably some records of the deleted bridge are left in configs. Which is not good as the interface is confused. Anyway this is not effecting the functionality, so I am not as much worried as much just reporting.

The reason that drop-down appears is that you have selected br0 previously. If you change it back to Any and save the host, next time the bridge column won't appear.