trouble with namecheap api

i am having trouble with the namecheap api . i put all my information in and get this: Failed to save account : Invalid response XML : Not whitespace after PUBLIC ID in DOCTYPE [Ln: 1, Col: 738066496]

how can this be fixed? Can someone help!



Can you try editing the file /usr/libexec/webmin/virtualmin-registrar/, and after line 523 adding the line :

print STDERR $out;

Then re-trying the namecheap account, and post what gets logged to /var/webmin/miniserv.error to this bug report?

is this what you wanted ? Does it help ?

Yes, that message at the end is useful.

When you setup your account with namecheap, did you ask them to whitelist the IP of your virtualmin system?

I did not ask them to do that . I will and then reenter data . i will post results.