Creating or adding new instances causes errors

Basically, it is due to the toolstack.

I use Debian 8 Jessie and the latest Xen.

This is what appears to be the issue: ERROR: A different toolstack (xl) have been selected!

I tried editing the code, but apparently... there's nothing to edit? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers



It looks like your system may be configured to use the xl command for Xen VM management, instead of xm which Cloudmin currently supports. Based on the error message, this is configurable - but I haven't yet figured out where!

I have added the whole source on an IDE Web Development tool just to search where it uses the xm and I couldn't find anything.

How would one be able to configure this?

You may be better off using an older Debian version, or switching to KVM virtualization.

Why would I do any of that? I can switch toolstack but I need to restart the server then, which I'm currently unable to.

Any ideas how could one get this issue resolved by editing some script, perhaps one of the .cgi scripts?

Unfortunately Cloudmin currently only supports the xm toolstack, so switching is the only option.

But still, why is this still not resolved?

Its been a long long while. Is it fixed or not? Could the developers finally edit the code?

The next release will definitely support the new xe toolstack.

Why is this taking months though?

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Submitted by Joe on Fri, 03/11/2016 - 17:35 Pro Licensee

I believe the new Cloudmin release with support for this is coming pretty soon. I understand your frustration, but we're a small team; Jamie writes nearly all of the code for both Virtualmin and Cloudmin (both the Pro and GPL versions, and Webmin and Usermin, too) by himself. By necessity we prioritize things that effect the largest number of users, and this has not been a high demand feature or one that has any funding (but it is coming, anyway).

The code to support the new xl toolstack is done, however there are a couple of other unrelated CLoudmin features that we'd like to get done before a new release.

However, if you are interested in trying out a pre-release version with xl support right now, please let us know.