right now the internet thinks ns1 and ns2.etc-md.com are at i need that moved to i consonant find anywhere in virtualmin that can be changed. My clients use ns1 fqdn entries for their dns entries as i handle all dns on my virt box. i ahve the data migrated I am just trying to figure out where in virt i can change the ip of ns1 and ns2 on the old box to start pushing the internet over to the new box. I should know this but it is escaping me..:)



i went ahead and added the a records for my new server into the dns of the old one. I do not know why it was not present in the dns of my old server. changed the ttl's to 10 minutes too so things should start shoving over here soon.

Parent zone provides NS records Parent zone exists and provides NS records. This is good because some domains, usually third or fourth level domains, such as 'example.co.us' do not have a direct parent zone. This is legal but can cause confusion. The NS Records provided are (nameserver | IP Address | TTL):

ns1.etc-md.com. | ns2.etc-md.com. | PASS Number of nameservers At least 2 (RFC2182 section 5 recommends at least 3), but fewer than 8 NS records exist (RFC1912 section 2.8 recommends that you have no more than 7). This meets the RFC minimum requirements, but is lower than the upper limits that some domain registrars have on the number of nameservers. A larger number of nameservers reduce the load on each and, since they should be located in different locations, prevent a single point of failure. The NS Records provided are:

ns1.etc-md.com. | | TTL=172800 ns2.etc-md.com. | | TTL=172800 NS Status Test Name Information PASS Unique nameserver IPs All nameserver addresses are unique. The Nameservers provided are nameservers that supply answers for your zone, including those responsible for your mailservers or nameservers A records. If any are missing a name (No Name Provided), it is because they did not send an A record when asked for data or were not specifically asked for that data:

ns2.etc-md.com. | ns1.etc-md.com. |

Howdy -- have you updated the IP address for those nameservers at your domain name registrar?

The registrar would have those IP's.

You'd also need to change the IP in your DNS settings on your server, but that's only part of what needs updated.

found it. Had to change the registered ip addys at my domain host..:)

LOL me and you posted nearly at the same time..:) yes i had to change the registered ip at the registrar..:)