Cloudmin 8.4 released

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#1 Sun, 01/10/2016 - 12:26

Cloudmin 8.4 released

Cloudmin version 8.4 is now available for download from our YUM and APT repositories. Existing users should see a message on the Cloudmin Information page after logging in, prompting to upgrade to the new release.

  • System owners can now be limited to creating interfaces on selected bridges, rather than every bridge on the host system.

  • Added support for LXC 1.1, due to changes in the API and commands.

  • Improved support for newer OpenVZ versions, due to changes in the config file format and semantics.

  • Added timeouts to all remote commands where they make sense, to prevent Cloudmin operations from hanging.

  • Many many fixes related to locking, KVM command line flags, access to shut-down VMs, Virtualmin domain syncing, alert messages and more.

As always, please report any bugs via our support tracker.