clooudmin try to use restore option on backup.. no luck

hello i am using backup function on virtualmin to backup virtual server.

" /root/home/backupsfrom20-incremental-single-achieve-file/%d%m%Y

" the above works like a charm..

at the very bottom i want to use Command to run after backup and so i am doing

virtualmin restore-domain --all-domains --all-features --all-virtualmin --source ssh://root:xxxxxx@10.0.0.xx/root/home/backupsfrom20-incremental-single-a...

the above is success But i want to achieve the following :

virtualmin restore-domain --all-domains --all-features --all-virtualmin --source ssh://root:xxxx@10.0.0.xx/root/home/backupsfrom20-incremental-single-ach... And this is not working.

am i doing something wrong on ''Do strftime-style time substitutions on file or directory name'' ?

or is not possible to run the command with this (strftime) parameters at all? please help me out. i also try to use my cloudmin backup to make sync of the servers but with no luck. at the moment i want to secure my ass with restoration process and then i will have a look and rise another ticket maybe for cloudmin.

please instruct .



You can't use date-based tokens like %d when restoring - you have to specify an actual directory path.