Error adding EC2 instance

I'm unable to add an EC2 instance.

I entered the correct EC2 region, Account ID, Access Key and Secret Key.

On click 'Create', I receive the following error:

Failed to save EC2 account : Invalid access key or secret key : File does not exist: LWP will support https URLs if the LWP::Protocol::https module is installed. at /usr/libexec/webmin/server-manager/Net/Amazon/ line 156.

My Access Key and Secret Key are definitely correct, I've verified them multiple times.

Thanks for your help, Stephanie



Try going to Webmin -> Others -> Perl Modules, and installing the LWP::Protocol::https module.

I added the LWP::Protocol::https module and it worked for me. Before that I was getting the same error as Stephanie.


I had the same problem, added the perl module mentioned here and it worked for me as well. Thank you!


P.S. I'm still having an issue creating EC2 instances from within Cloudmin. It's driving me crazy.