Does Webmin/Virtualmin officially support PHP7?


I'm using Virtualmin to host my Joomla websites. Today Joomla releases 3.5 version which support PHP7 to improve the performance. So I'd like to ask whether you support PHP7 officially for Ubuntu?

Thanks, Giang Anh



Yes, PHP 7 is fully supported by Virtualmin.

Howdy -- well, I have good and bad news.

The good news is that Virtualmin does indeed support PHP7.

The bad news is that PHP 7 does not come with Ubuntu 14.04.

So the only way to use PHP 7, would be to manually install it, or obtain it from an alternate repository.

Alternatively, if you were to wait until Ubuntu 16.04 comes out in late April, it does come with PHP 7. So you could update your distribution to version 16.04 once Virtualmin fully supports it.

Thank you. I will wait Ubuntu 16.04 then. Will bother you the way I upgrade Ubuntu.

Around the time that Ubuntu 16.04 is released, there will be instructions on how to upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04.

Alternatively, you can also migrate your domains to a new server running that particular distribution.

Where are those upgrade instructions? Did they ever get made?