System validation required

I have had issues with this install of virtualmin since day one. I am CONSTANTLY having issues with this installation. I cannot hope to grow my business when I have clients finding issues on their own(much les with me finding them). I need this system positively validated by Virtualmin or I will have no choice but to either start over from ground zero(costing me money and business) or move to another control panel(costing me money). I cannot wait for multiple business weeks for this to get fixed once and for all.



Howdy -- can you describe the installation issues you're experiencing?

What distro/version are you having problems with, and what errors are you seeing?

Also, when performing installations, is this being done on a VPS, or on a dedicated server?

in this particular instance it is a dedicated machine running centos7. Just look at my recent history the past couple of'll see the issues.

Sorry, I know it's frustrating when things don't work as expected.

I know that Jamie plans to log in to review the IPv6 issues you described.

I also have an outstanding question for Jamie that I posted in your request regarding file permissions.

To my knowledge all the other issues you had opened have been corrected though. If that's not the case, let us know, as we'd be happy to help sort out what's going on.

As far as a general system validation goes -- the closest thing we have to a validation like you're describing is System Settings -> Re-Check Config.

That looks for quite a few problems that are on the system, and let's you know if it detects anything.

We're not really able to fix what we don't know is broken though... we unfortunately wouldn't know what to look for.

I'll certainly ask Jamie to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. And I'll see if anything stands out to me.

If you're seeing anything in particular though, please let us know so we can help correct it.

issue after issue. I would not have made this request if the system did NOT properly validate but it has..over and over...hence the need for inspection. Since i am having issues after issue...i guess it is time to start over again...:(

Yeah you do seem to be experiencing an unusual number of problems.

We're certainly happy to log in and take a look around. If there's anything that stands out we can get that corrected.

It works similar to a car and mechanic though, if the car isn't currently acting up, the mechanic is going to have a tough time discovering what the problem is.

If your server isn't currently experiencing an error, we might not discover the problem. It can be tough enough to diagnose problems when an error is being thrown :-)

We generally recommend against reinstalling, and instead resolving the problems being experienced.

The problem is that if one never discovers why a problem is occurring, it can often occur again.

I do understand your frustration, and having things not work properly is tough on your and your customers.

But in my opinion reinstalling would create a lot more work for you, not necessarily fix any issues, while potentially causing new ones.