Missing "Change Password" option on Cloudmin Connect UI

Wanted to update a password for one of the managed systems and can't find the "Change Password" option for it as shown in the attached screenshot. What is strange the option shows up as soon as I select another system. However I need to update password for that particular system.



I assume you want to change the password that Cloudmin uses to login to the system, rather than the password that it currently has?

Yes, I've changed the password in the guest system's cli and now I need to update Cloudmin's login password for it.

The work-around is either to shutdown the VM (at which point the password change option will appear), or SSH into your Cloudmin master as root and use the API command cloudmin modify-system --host your-vm-name --ssh-pass new-password

Wow, was it always so or something changed? And then it is Cloudmin Connect, so it manages physical servers and I can't just shut them down. Running the command in CLI is definitely a remedy, but common - UI also should be able to update passwords for the managed systems without shutting them down.

Yes, this bug has always been there. You're right, that isn't a good solution for physical systems!