Email occasionally stops working


Recently i have encountered a weird problem with my virtualmin server. Email suddenly stops working. I tried sending test emails but they were not delivered. Nothing is found in mail.log. The last line in mail.log was a few days ago. I checked postfix status and see postfix was running normally. Then i reboot the entire server, IT WORKS.

So now the problem has been resolved, but i don't know what is the cause of the problem, what i should do to prevent it from happening again, and what i should do to debug if it happens again in the future



oh, one more thing. I did issue a command "service postfix restart" to restart postfix, but it didn't help

Howdy -- it's tough to say now that it's working... but if it occurs again in the future, what I would do is to send an email, and then look at the logs to see what exactly is logged. It might not be an error, but whatever shows up in there would help us determine what's going on.

Or, if nothing at all shows up, that would help troubleshoot too.

But if it occurs again, paste in any logs related to the email you're trying to send and we'll help you troubleshoot what's going on there.

Hi Andrey,

When i realized the server cannot send email, i tried sending a few test emails, and there is nothing in the mail.log file, and email was also not sent.

As i said, the last line in the mail.log file was a few days ago, i guess that is the time that the problem started happening.

If/when that happens again, let us know and we'll go over some troubleshooting steps with you.

There's a lot of possible options for why that might be occurring, the issue would need to be currently acting up to be able to troubleshoot it though.

Thanks Andrey. If it occurs again, i will post it here.