Forgot Password on Usermin uses wrong port

Forgot your Usermin password? link on usermin points to but I have changed the Webmin Port from Webmin UI. This results in Page Not Found



Port 10000 is the correct port though - although Usermin is on port 20000, the password recovery script is in a Webmin module.

But since we can change Webmin Port shouldn't the url use the current webmin port. It is using 10000 no matter what current webmin port is.

Did you change the Webmin port after setting up password recovery?

The quick fix is to edit the port in the /etc/usermin/custom-lang file.

I change the webmin port first thing after the initial setup of virtualmin is complete

Ok, that would explain it ... we didn't expect anyone to change the port!

It is definitely a good habit to change all defaults after a new installation - this makes you less prone to standardized attacks. Anyway: is there a solution to this topic?

No .. other than the work-around I suggested in comment #4