Duplicate directries of existing server are created in new virtual server

I am using Virtualmin for my server having Linux Debian OS. I found a strange problem. My every new host home directory contains directories with the name of previous host accounts created. e.g. 1. a.com has a space and directory /home/a, it will create directory structure as /home/a/a 2. b.com is a second v server its directory will be like this, (/home/b/a and /home/b/b), the next v server will have three directories and so on. How can I prevent virtialmin to create duplication of directories? any help appreciated.




Howdy -- hmm, that's an odd one!

Is this a new server, has it been doing that since it was initially installed?

Thanks for replay, Yes, its new server with fresh virtualmin installation using installation script, everything is default except I change documents home directory to /home/ for all virtual servers in templates.

Hmm, can you clarify which option it is that you changed, when you're referring to the documents home directory?

Virtualmin > Server Template > Default Settings > Select Home Directory > Skeleton directory for files I selected option Directory and enter the value as /home

Ah! That explains it.

Normally, that points to /etc/skel.

The /etc/skel directory on Linux systems contains all the files that will be made part of each new users home directory.

By changing that to /home, that means every file and directory in /home is being copied into each new domain that's created.

My suggestion would be to keep that set to /etc/skel.