I would like to change host IP

I have license for the Virtualmin Pro linked to the IP address A.A.A.A I would like to change my server host and apply new IP B.B.B.B. How can I do this? Thank you.



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Title: I would like to change host IP (Licence 5561487) ยป I would like to change host IP
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Howdy -- it's no problem to install your Virtualmin license on a new server, or to change your IP address. That won't cause a problem with your license.

Is that what you're asking? Or would you like a hand changing your IP address?

If you're looking to change the IP address you can do that by going into Webmin -> Networking -> Network Interfaces, and there you can see and modify the IP of your various interfaces.

After doing that, you would also need to go into Virtualmin -> Addresses and Networking -> Change IP Addresses, and there, you can use that form to update all the config files that were using the previous IP address with the new one.