unable to add payment method to account this not being able to make purchase

we are trying to place an order for a customer of ours but the problem is that we are not being able to add a new payment option (cc) to his account every time we try to do so we receive an error which says "There was an error processing your request. Try again" could you please help u out here, we need to place an order for the customer ASAP!! The customer's username is -EcommerceJTI //E-mail address DLecommerce_administrators_list@jti.com once fixed please reach out to us @ neloy.ghosh@softwareone.com.

Needs work


Howdy -- sorry that you're having problems making a purchase!

I've asked Joe for some input on what you're seeing... though he's in a different timezone, so I'm not exactly sure when he'll be available.

If you're in a hurry, and willing to pay a year at a time, you could always Paypal the amount to sales@virtualmin.com, then follow up here afterwards. I could then issue you a license, and none of the ordering has to be done through the website here.

Where is it that you're finding that particular Add Payment Type screen?

I talked to Joe, as I didn't know of such a screen. But he didn't know of such a screen either :-)

When going through the typical payment process, that's not a screen that normally shows up. Can you describe where you're at when you're seeing that screen?

after adding the licenses to the cart when i click on add payment method i receive screen. can i send over $ 300 over to you va paypal? that i believe would be much easier also can you please provide me your email id or contact no so that i can follow up with you?

Sorry for the issue with purchasing a license! I've passed that along to Joe. Currently we're not sure why that's happening... for us, we're not seeing an "Add Payment" option, only a "Checkout" option.

But in the meantime Paypal is no problem.

Regarding support -- unfortunately, we can only provide support via the support tracker here.

However, if it's an issue of receiving notifications -- you can always go into Account -> Project Notifications, and there you can enable email notifications.

We can certainly do Paypal -- but just to clarify, what is it that you're ordering? Which licenses are you interested in? We'll get you a total, and then we can get that finished up over at Paypal.


I work for Softwwareone we are global software re-sellers, this is our customer's account and they are looking forward to purchase Virtualmin for 10 Domains to existing account-1 Year Subscription-quantity= 5 (Additional License to existing Account EcommerceJTI) is there a way by which i can send over a PO to you ?

Okay, so it sounds like you are asking to purchase 5x Virtualmin 10 licenses?

Yes that's no problem, and you were correct that $300 is the correct amount for that.

You can simply send that to sales@virtualmin.com via Paypal, let us know here when that is complete -- and then we'll generate 5 licenses for this account here.


just transfered $300 to sales@virtualmin.com transaction id - 3MJ91492B47564036, kindly add the required licenses to this account.

Okay, you're all set! There are now 5x Virtualmin 10 licenses in your account.

I'm finalizing the expiration dates to make sure they're all a year, but while I'm doing that you can begin using them (they expire in only one day by default).

Thanks for using Virtualmin!

Also, since you have a lot of licenses there -- I've issued you a free Cloudmin Connect license as well if you want it, to aid in managing all the Virtualmin installations.

You can see it in this user's account, under the "Software Licenses" tab.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions!