Cloudmin Pro(10) Installer vs GPL Installer

When installing Cloudmin from the GPL installer on CentOS7, you're given a system that is ready to run KVM virtual machines right after install.

I've purchased the professional version and downloaded the installer from my 'Software License' page. This version of the installer installs Cloudmin without any issues, but doesn't install any virtualization packages (I get this; the pro version can handle many other virtualization solutions so don't force an install).

I followed your instructions in the documentation under 'Setting Up KVM Virtualization' to try and get KVM up and running: yum install kvm qemu qemu-img parted

Yum responds with 'No package kvm available', which makes sense as RHEL 7 has set up their own virt packages.

Since I'm going to use CentOS7 and KVM, would it make more sense to use the GPL installer which configures everything for you and then input my license into the Cloudmin install once it's up and running?

If I stick with the Pro installer, which CentOS7 packages are needed to work with Cloudmin Pro and KVM?




Howdy -- sorry for the trouble there!

There's a difference in the way Cloudmin Pro and GPL are designed to work... GPL is only able to work on one server. Pro is designed to be able to run on one system, which may or may not have guests running on it -- and it can manage guests on any number of other hosts, and/or the current one

Those KVM packages aren't installed during installation, as the admin may not want the current system to run any KVM instances.

Due to the differences in how they work, there isn't actually a simple upgrade path from Cloudmin GPL to Pro. My suggestion would be to install Pro, and then install the packages you need afterwards.

Try running this command to install the KVM related packages, and let us know if this helps:

yum install qemu-kvm qemu-img virt-manager libvirt libvirt-python libvirt-client virt-install virt-viewer bridge-utils

That package list for CentOS7 worked, thank you!

One thing I did have to manually correct: I followed the instructions on creating a bridge interface in the Cloudmin documentation. After applying the configuration, the network would not come back up. I found that Webmin correctly set up the bridge interface to be ignored by Network Manager, but not the connected physical interface.

I went to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<NIC_NAME> and added NM_CONTROLLED=no to the physical interface config file that was connected to the bridge. After that change the network came up without any problems.

Thanks for letting us know!

We're looking into the installation/setup docs to see how we can improve those based on the issues you brought up today.