Scriptinstaller for Webmin

Some times you will have one server for a specific task, so no need to run virtualmin. But in this case and in the scenario having virtualmin running on a generic domain, it would make sense to have in Webmin script installers too. So one can provide phpmyadmin, pgmyadmin, roundcube etc. centralized on the generic domain, without the need to install them in one or more virtual hosts.

What do you think?



Howdy -- in the situation where Virtualmin is running on a server, and you're looking for a "generic" domain name for the server -- what we typically suggest is to choose a domain name that would represent the entire server.

Using that domain name, you could then setup a Virtual Server, and set it as the default.

Once that's setup, you could install all the desired Install Scripts.

And then, within that domain name, also setup SSL for all services, including Apache, Webmin, Dovecot, Postfix, and the like.

It would actually be fairly tricky to get those to work within Webmin, as they're designed with Virtualmin's functionality in mind, and make use of the various Virtualmin settings and features.

my generic domain is the one which the system like postfix server, ftp server and dovecot is running on, and the FQDN i am using as host running virtualmin on. :-) Or you are just running webmin without virtualmin, then you would have the same need :-)