Moving users between virtual servers or subservers


I'm using Virtualmin to host blogs and wikis internally in a school. At the moment I have one top-level server with a number of sub-servers. e.g: - -

I created all my users at the top-level.

I would like to reorganise this set-up and move users so that they are assoicated with sub-servers, which will make their administration easier.

Is there a way to acheive this?





Howdy -- sorry, there unfortunately isn't a way to move a user from one Virtual Server to another.

The only thing you could really do there, is create a new user, and then copy all the associated files from the existing user to the new one.

Thanks for your reply. Oh well, manual it is. Do you think this is something that could be built in?

Hmm, probably not in the near future unfortunately, though possibly down the road if we see that other users are interested in a similar thing.

That's not a feature request we've received much though.

Are you finding that you run into this issue a lot? Or is this just a one time move as part of the re-organization you're doing?

:-) Guess not, but I can see it being really useful if you could batch move a bunch of users between virtual servers, simply because batch anything makes administrators happy.

In this case the quickest solution is to delete and batch create users where they're wanted. These are accounts for 9-11 year old children, without important data. If I were running VM in a secondary school I could see there being a need to retain data...