please upgrade my license


please upgrade my virtualmin license to unlimited (serial 5559120)

regards, gregor



Howdy -- we're happy to help!

Due to our new licensing system, we don't have an upgrade option on the site, but we can handle that via Paypal if that works for you. The "tl;dr" version of this is that you can send $30 to and we'll handle that for you (just let us know after you send that).

The longer version --

It looks like you currently have a Virtualmin 250.

The current yearly price for that is $150/year.

The yearly price for an Unlimited license is $200/year.

The difference between them is $50, which is $4.16/month (50/12).

Since there's only 8 months left on your license, that amounts to $33.28.

But we can round that down to a flat $30.

Does $30 sound good?

If so, you can send that to and we'll get you all setup. Just let us know after you send that so we can update your license.


big thanks - Transaktionscode 15677209RT345214E

Okay, you're all set! I've upgraded your license to a Virtualmin Unlimited.

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks for using Virtualmin!