Ubuntu 16.04 Image

Hi, I would know if the image for Cloudmin Ubuntu 16.04 KVM will be released and when will be the release date.

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Thanks for pointing this out - we created an image already, but never uploaded it! It should be available for download now.

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Submitted by iteasyweb on Tue, 10/11/2016 - 12:59 Pro Licensee

Wow! Thank you so much


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Submitted by iteasyweb on Tue, 10/11/2016 - 12:59 Pro Licensee

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Closed (fixed)

I am having the same issue - but it's still not fixed for me.

On Cloudmin GPL, there are no system images available for download past Ubuntu 15.04...

Where is Ubuntu 16.04? Is the system image for it only available if I buy a license?

Please try again now - there was an error in our script that copied the Ubuntu 16 image to the GPL repository.

I killed my server and had to start from scratch.

Just reinstalled everything and now a new (and bigger) problem. I think this is a bug...

When I installed Cloudmin GPL, it comes up in the dashboard as"9.3.kvm Pro" It also doesn't give me ANY of the actual Cloudmin menu options on the left. It only shows "System Information" and "System Statistics"

I think something is seriously wrong with the recently updated Webmin (version 1.870 is what I have installed, along with Cloudmin 9.3.kvm)

Followed the instructions here: http://webmin.com/cinstall-kvm.html

The previous issue (no Ubuntu 16.04 KVM image available for download) has been resolved. I was able to get into cloudmin after switching to "Old Webmin Theme".

It appears as though the Cloudmin GPL issue I previously reported might just be an issue with the "Authentic Theme" that is causing Cloudmin GPL to fail.

When I switched Webmin theme to "Old Webmin Theme", I am able to see all the Cloudmin Menu options... so something in the Authentic Theme code is messing with the GPL vs Pro license check... or something.