No option to 'Extract' in File Manager

Hi sorry to bother you, hopefully an easy one to fix? When I right click a tar or zip file in File Manager (using Authentic Theme in Webmin) there is no option to 'Extract'

I have tar and unzip installed and can extra whatever I need ok from the shell. I wouldn't of even known the feature is there but this is a Debian Jessie server using Virtualmin/Webmin GPL - but on my other Ubuntu server the option exists...

Thanks for any help to get this option.

Much appreciated.



Howdy -- just to verify, is this with the Filemin file manager, the HTML-based one? Or with the older Java file manager?

I suspect you're referring to Filemin but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks!

Hi thanks for the reply. Yes it's the Filemin HTML one.

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Ilia - since the popup is provided by the Authentic theme, could you look into this?