Licence paiement


I cannot pay on the website when I order a licence - Attached a screen shot

Thanks in advance



Howdy -- sorry that you're experiencing a problem! What sort of credit card are you using there?

Another alternative though is that if you don't mind paying a year at a time, you could do so via Paypal. If you sent payment to, we could manually issue you a license.

If you choose to go the Paypal route, just let us know when that's sent.

I do not have a paypal account ;-( I did not have the choice between paypal and credit card, the only choice was credit card

Understood -- yeah to do Paypal, that's not available via the shopping cart, only when done manually.

What kind of credit card was it that you're trying to use there? And do you perhaps have a different card you could try?

We're looking into what the issue could be. We have had other orders placed today, so it doesn't seem like a general payment problem.

That said, I now recall that our credit card processor has been sporadic DoS attacks today, it's possible there was an attack at the time you were trying to pay for that. You may want to try it again using the same card, just to see if it works this time.