Suddenly 99.8 % clamd.virtualmin -c /etc/clamd.d/virtualmin.conf

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#1 Sat, 10/22/2016 - 05:31
Dim Git

Suddenly 99.8 % clamd.virtualmin -c /etc/clamd.d/virtualmin.conf

Hi People,

Suddenly and without any warning I find that the server is running very slow and I see that clamd.virtualmin -c /etc/clamd.d/virtualmin.conf is using 99% of the processor.

This server is very lightly loaded and handles about 100 emails per day.

I have read loads of posts about clamscan, clamd and clanc but can't really say that I understand what is happening so perhaps I need some hand-holding with this. (sorry !)

When I look at "system Information" page (the one that shows immediately upon login) it says :-

Running processes 137 CPU usage 20% user, 5% kernel, 0% IO, 75% idle

If I click "Refresh system information" the page never seems to update, If I exit and re-enter the server it shows the same CPU usage but maybe one extra or less process running.

The server showed two packages to update (tzdata-java and tzdata) I updated them but the system Information page shows them still to update. If I try to update I get the error/warning that all is up to date.

CentOS Linux 5.11 Webmin version 1.821 Virtualmin version 5.04 Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.18-412.el5 on x86_64

I have another server of very similar spec showing the same.

Any help would be well appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Tim

Sun, 10/23/2016 - 03:07
Dim Git

I have continued to fight this but perhaps I really am not looking in the right area.

I thought that if I could stop virus scanning then clamd would stop and I could at least get some sensible processor use. So I attempted that through "System Settings" > "Features and Plugins" but relieved the warning that sites were using it. I disabled anti-virus on those sites and tried again. but still received the same error (sites using anti-virus), I checked the actual sites (all 11 of them) but they are shown as not running AV.

Thanks for reading and any insight you might have.


Sun, 10/23/2016 - 06:20
Dim Git

Came back in the vain hope that someone had replied (not that I have any right) but alas ...

Anyway, I have now discovered that user authentication fails on outgoing mail.


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