No longer able to save virtual server SSL certificate to Postfix/Dovecot/etc.


Been using Virtualmin for years. Many times I used a virtual server with SSL website enabled to host a valid certificate and push it also to Dovecot/Postfix/Webmin/etc. to cover that domain when addressing those services.

Since Virtualmin supports letsencrypt, I setup this virtual server to renew automatically the certificate every 2 months. Then I would manually, after email notification of renewal, got and install the certificate to the rest of the services. Last time I did this was about 2-3 months ago for sure.

Now, I cannot do it anymore, this is what I get in the Manage SSL certificate page, under certificate details, instead of the buttons allowing me to push the certificate:

HTTP/1.0 500 Perl execution failed Server: MiniServ/1.821 Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2016 20:11:54 GMT Content-type: text/html; Charset=iso-8859-1 Connection: close Error - Perl execution failed Undefined subroutine &virtual_server::get_all_service_ssl_certs called at /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/cert_form.cgi line 95.

The system is up-to-date as always and remarked that recently a Virtualmin update (5.05) came along and was installed. This may be a regression? Webmin version is 1.821.

Thank you



Howdy -- can you try restarting Webmin, and see if that issue persists?

You can do that by running this command:

service webmin restart

Also, are you running Virtualmin GPL or pro there?

Thanks AndreyChek, restarting webmin fixed it for me, didn't occur to me the apt-get didn't restart it till I saw your suggestion. sheepish

The apt-get update should have restarted Webmin, unless it ran into some other error..