how to know the cron job is running without error.....

I plan to run a cron job for SSL certificate renew from let's encrypt, but the only command output it generate out is there is no result...

how could I know this cron job is set properly....I don't wanna know if fails when I need it.

below is the script I put on command dialog

./root/certbot-auto renew --quiet --no-self-upgrade



cause in cpanel there is an option email notification when cRon job run everytime

The cert renewal script will email the domain owner if it fails.

Howdy -- note that Virtualmin can handle obtaining Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for you.

You can configure that in Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates -> Let's Encrypt.

In there, you can set an auto-renew period, which will tell Virtualmin to renew the SSL certificate after that period.

In that case, you wouldn't need your own cron job for handling renewals, as Virtualmin would renew them for you.