Something is still broken with ClamAV in Virtualmin postinstall wizard

Hey Jamie,

On a fresh CentOS 7 install, the postinstall wizard still gives the following error when trying to enable the clamd scanner (after a very long pause):

ERROR: Could not lookup : Servname not supported for ai_socktype

If I start the scanner from the command line, this error doesn't happen, and the step completes quickly.

Is Virtualmin starting the right thing?


# systemctl start clamd@scan

Completes quickly and without error for me, and allows Virtualmin to get past this step in the postinstall wizard. What is Virtualmin doing at this step that it pauses for a long time, and then fails with the ai_socktype error (until there is user intervention on the command line)? Shouldn't it just be starting the daemon and setting it to start on boot?

This is probably specific to CentOS 7.