Unable to create new KVM system due to iSCSI login error

Hello, I currently have 2 Cloudmin systems, with an external iSCSI and NFS server for storage. I've already successfully created 6 VMs without problems. Today however I decided to make a new system and it will not create the disk on the scsi server. It gives the following error:

Creating virtual system with KVM .. .. creation failed : iSCSI disk creation failed : Failed to zero out /dev/lvm01/host.example.com_0_img : Login failed

I don't have authentication even setup for the iSCSI server, and again I have no issues with the machines I've already running. What could be wrong? There is also nothing showing up in syslog. Thanks for your help

  • Andre


Did this only stop working after you upgraded to the latest (9.2) Cloudmin release?

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Submitted by hyper3xpl0iter on Wed, 02/01/2017 - 20:13

I'm not quite sure to be honest... I didn't really pay attention to every update, but I just installed all of the systems 1 week ago, and I do know that I do all updates everyday. I'm actually trying to completely reinstall my Virtualmin VM guest (Ubuntu 16.04) because after I rebooted the Cloudmin server for the recent SSL updates, a couple of my VM guests wouldn't login to iSCSI and I thought that I'd just start fresh all over. However once I deleted the systems, and iSCSI targets and images, it now won't even let me create a new system do to a "login failure" which I find weird because the other 4 guests I have on my system all work fine and have no login issues.

Ok, please check the System Information page in Cloudmin and see if the version is shown as 9.2.

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Submitted by hyper3xpl0iter on Thu, 02/02/2017 - 08:28

Yes, it is version 9.2

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Submitted by hyper3xpl0iter on Thu, 02/02/2017 - 09:02

Ok, thanks for the help, I figured it out... For some reason the iSCSI server disconnected from Cloudmin. Once I reset the password and SSH key it's now all back up and running normal.