cPanel mapping

I understand that Webmin/Virtualmin doesn't really map to cPanel/WHM exactly, but is there any sort of conversion map available to aid new users coming from a cPanel/WHM environment?

and if not, how would I go about creating one? should I just create a map and load it up to my domain then link to it in the newbie forum?



Thanks Eric

I will incorporate the info on that page and put together a fresh guide if that's OK with you

I was thinking more along the lines of mapping the cPanel interface to the equivalent Virtualmin component - then fleshing out the differences between them, possibly as sub-pages

I'll put it together as I muddle through learning Virtualmin and load it up to (a yet to be created subdomain on my server) once I have something of substance

will update this ticket once I have content for review

Yeah we don't have anything like that, but I'd be most curious to see what you put together there!

have started writing pages :) ... need to debug nav menu, but that doesn't impact content

only initial page up so far, but content will be in individual sub-pages and pulled into web-doc ... trying to make it easy for you to import the content to Drupal :)

or the source for the article is @

[edit] source file was renamed on server