register_globals enable

Hi I want to verify how to enable those php functions in virtulamin as per the script request

1) reister_globals

2) multi string function overload

please see screenshot below


Howdy -- unfortunately, PHP has removed the register_globals function, that's no longer part of PHP. There is details about that here:

It sounds like the second option you're asking about is related to "mbstring".

However, I don't see an mbstring package for Ubuntu 14.04, though I do see one for Ubuntu 16.04.

That may mean mbstring isn't available for your distro.

That said, I have heard a rumor that it may be built into mod_php. We don't typically recommend mod_php due to security concerns, but you can always try it out to see if that works for you.

I find

mbstring function in php.ini but not register_global... can I upgrde to ubuntu 16.04?

I have linode daily backup, so I can restore the instance if that does not work...

register_global was a huge security problem hence it's removal...