Disk quota problem

Disk quota problem

I have such problem. I installed system on a single hard drive. After that I have added a new hard drive and mounted it on /home1. I have enabled quota in webmin on this new HDD (User and group quotas active). Then I run Re-Check Configuration in virtualmin, it says "Both user and group quotas are enabled for home and email directories." I created new virtual server "domain.com", the folder /home/domain was created. I moved this folder to /home1/domain and created a symlink (/home/domain => /home1/domain). User "domain" quota status in webmin is "Used 1.12 GB", but in virtualmin it is such: Allowed disk quota 5 GB; Disk space used 460 kB; Size of databases 408 kB; Percent of quota used 0%.

How can I resolve this problem? Disk space used in virtualmin must by at least 1.12 GB. Many thanks!



Howdy -- it looks like you posted this in the Forums here:


That's actually a pretty good place to start with this particular problem.

This may be a setup related issue, and if that's the case the Virtualmin community may be able to lend a hand (and we'll try and follow up there too).

However, if it turns out to be a bug we'll be happy to help with that here!

There also is problem with scheduled backups. Sometime after backup completes it doesn't disappear from running backups list. The old backups from FTP server is not deleting and backup log is not creating in virtualmin, but I receive backup log on my e-mail (I attached screenshot backup.png).

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hi, well I have like 10tb nodes running in virtualmin via external usbs (5x2tb extrernal hdds). It all works like a dream. The key is to understand how virtualmin it self works and then point your goals you would like to achieve. First of all you dont have to make drastic changes to your plans or server settings. Its just more about reading it right what you doing.

there are various scenarios for this..

Example the simplest one - you have domain1.com to be moved out to some disk space - mount your usb disk into your system and create folder of the site you want to move out.. give user:group to that user and simply move all content of public_html there and then create symlink in public_html. Also alter quota for that server to much your hdd size for that site.. I know that is the dummies way but its fastest!

More advanced one - do it properly as it is described in virtualmin documentation.

or you can do

3th - hire virtualmin professionals to deal with your issue - somewhere on this website you can actually hire virtualmin guys to help you without even pro license - if I am not wrong.

4th - hire virtualmin professionals outside of virtualmin website - via forums or via google searches... usually cheaper option depends what you need... be advised about this one.

the news is you as an glp version user should post here only if you have found the bug here or security issue, rest should be always posted on forums and trust me community is great regards things like this. No offence - but virtualmin.com should be always focused on development means dealing with pro folks and also security bugs and issues and some documentation mods.. not something you are requesting it here. - in end of the day, this less noise would allow them to move forward with this great open source program - be it gpl or pro..

  • regards backup issues.. I did not seen anything in forums you opened there for this one.. but I can assure you its covered in documentation pages.. (also in virtualmin it self it will explain everything regards your questions towards ftp backups.. please keep in mind ftp is not sftp!) In end of the day you should close this issue if resolved and open another one so admins would keep truck of each issue out there... just friendly advice - if you have issues with your backups ask community on forums. If you think that is an security issue or bug - just open new ticket and give it some time. If you open new ticket it would be very helpful if you could provide screencasting of what actually happen or how to reproduce that issue on real environment, sort of manual - without it it would be guessing like hit and go = bad or in human words - no one would be able to help how to reproduce those issues...just think about that.

  • I think this ticket could and should be closed and sorry for my noise here, but you cannot have it all without reading the docs properly unibit :)

have nice day all

I think backup problem is related with quota problem becouse when I backup only servers which are on native HDD all works fine! Could you please provide me link to documentation section about quota problem? The only thing I found is "Change home directory?" option in "Change domain name" menu.

Hi unibit -- my suggestion is to follow up on your Forum post, and ask any additional questions you have there.

That's the best place for folks using Virtualmin GPL to ask questions.

I don't know that what you're seeing is described in the documentation, but if you provide some additional details in your Forum thread it should be possible for some folks there to lend a hand with the issue you're experiencing.

If we discover that you're seeing a bug of some sort, we can certainly continue the discussion here and get Jamie involved if necessary.

There isn't going to be much in our documentation on quotas, that's not really something we've written much about. Though depending on what you're running into there we may need to look into adding such a section :-)

But yeah post a note regarding your questions and issues in the Forums, and hopefully you'll be able to get some of the answers you're seeking there. Thanks!