Cloudmin/KVM Host falling over but VMs are fine


As described in the title, I have a cloudmin server that seems to fall over constantly, yet the VMs running on the same host are fine.

Any ideas?




Howdy -- just to clarify, what is it that's having a problem?

That is, what aren't you able to access when this problem occurs?

Also, what is the output of these commands on your host:

free -m
dmesg | tail -30

By "fail over" , do you mean that you have Cloudmin's automatic host system failover feature setup, and it is triggering even when the host is running fine?

I mean as in the whole server stops responding, but VMs all work fine.

That's pretty strange that the host wouldn't be responding, but all the VM's work.

How do you re-gain access to the server? Does it start working again on it's own, or are you rebooting the server?

Also, did you by chance have the output of the commands from Comment #1 above?

Lastly, are you perhaps running some sort of DoS protection, such as Fail2ban or CSF? As that can sometimes prevent access to a server.

I have to hardreboot it using remote power bricks.

They gave normal stuff; but I need to log back in to pull logs for you.