Can't create a non empty system in Cloudmin

Hey guys, I'm trying to create a KVM system "create working system" NOT "create empty system" but everytime I try to create it I get the following error:

Failed to create system : No IP addresses entered

I'm creating the system with a manually entered IP address, but for some reason it won't create it and give that error. Can you please help me get this fixed? Thanks

  • Andre


Can you post a screenshot of the creation form showing where you're entering the IP address?

From that screen shot, it looks like the first two bridges don't have IP addresses entered ... but they are still checked above the IP address table.

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Submitted by hyper3xpl0iter on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 15:14

Yes, but that bullet (Assign only on bridges : ) is not selected. Either way, I selected the proper bridge and tried again and got the same error.

But did you try entering an IP for each of the bridges when "manually entered addresses below" is selected?

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Submitted by hyper3xpl0iter on Tue, 04/25/2017 - 02:01

No, thats strange that I would have to do that. I only want it to have 1 IP address. I have no problem using just the 1 address when creating an empty system...

Does it work as expected if you enter only 1 IP address, but for the first bridge field?