Virtualmin is not setup to use itself as dns server

I am trying to get this working however webmin is refusing to save changes i make to the network configuration>hostname and DNS client

The error message when i "Recheck and refresh configuration says i should add to the list of dns servers, however when i do this and click save...any change i make is bloody ignored and it simply shows what it had before in the boxes.

This is incredibly frustrating, and i cannot work out what i am doing wrong?

Can i just disable this feature with BIND or will that stop me from being able to setup a webhosting server?

My main aim is to host websites. This appears to be more trouble than its worth, i have a vestacp webserver functioning on another instance that is no where near this problematic.

kind regards Adam



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Just a quick note, if your server is using Ubuntu 10.04 there, we'd highly encourage you to update as soon as possible. Ubuntu 10.04 hasn't received updates from Ubuntu (or us) since 2013.

Also, if the issue you're seeing turns out to be a bug, we may not be able to fix it if the bug is related to an unsupported platform.

Now, regarding the DNS issue you're describing there --

In order for your server to be able to act as a nameserver, it would indeed need to have "" added to the DNS servers list.

One possible cause of that being overwritten though is if your system is using DHCP. DHCP can cause the DNS server to be overwritten by the DNS server being provided by the DHCP server.

If it is indeed using DHCP, you may want to try re-configuring it to use a static IP address.