Help setting up a 3 server system (1 client webhosting and 2 name servers)

I am struggling to get my head around this...

I have 3 servers on Google Cloud Compute

goanna1 (for shared hosting clients websites - webmin+virtualmin Pro) ns1 (primary name server - webmin+virtualmin GPL) ns2 (slave name server - webmin)

I can find a lot of documentation about setting up a webmin/virtualmin 2 server system, but not 3.

I have no problem setting up ns records at the registrar to point at my nameservers for a given domain, however, I am struggling with the exact procedure for linking ns1 with a client website on goanna1?

I thought that all i had to do was edit the virtualmin>system settings>server templates>Bind DNS Domain and set the Master DNS Hostname to Hostname = ns1?

Im pretty green on this, so it needs to be spelled out step by step if thats ok.

kind regards Adam



Howdy -- Virtualmin will use the server's hostname as the first nameserver by default, though if you go into System Setting -> Server templates -> Default -> Bind DNS Domain, you can set "Master DNS Hostname to Hostname" to whatever you want to call your primary nameserver.

For example, many people call it "".

That will make it so that any time you create a new domain, a "NS" record is automatically added for that domain containing the name "".

Let us know if that answers your question!