configure Vendor DNS in Webmin and Virtualmin insted of Developing your own

Hello Team,

I am a new bee to virtualmin and I am very much interested in learning more. Earlier I was using shared hosting and not have much knowledge in configuring server.

a short story of my requirement: I have very less knowledge about configuring DNS. I got a VPS with single IP address in interserver (OpenVZ). my VPS provider provides DNS servers and I want to utilize them. (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary) instead of setting up my own DNS in my VPS.

I have domain registered in Godady and along with domain I can see the Godaddy nameservers.

Now my question is: 1) I have nameservers in both my VPS providor and from godaddy, if want to utilize any one of these nameserver. what is the process or is it allowed/possible to do so?? 2) if it is allowed then what all the changes I have to to do in webmin and virtualmin.

Many Thanks in advance



Howdy -- it's no problem to use GoDaddy's nameservers; you would just need to disable the "BIND DNS Domain" feature in Virtualmin (which can be done in System Settings -> Features and Plugins).

Also ensure that the feature isn't enabled in any existing domains setup in Virtualmin.

It looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there though. If you had any followup questions, you'd want to use the Forums for support. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!

Thank you, appreciated for quick response.

just curious to learn more and understand it better. I have few more questions.

I have a requirement of setting up email accounts auto email from cron jobs also I would like to have mobile apps connected to database, how this DNS will play its role in it.

Also I would like to know why I cannot use Interserver DNS. (point domain name to interserver DNS and use them)......

I would like to know advantages and disadvantages (or difficulties)

I understand that it makes more sense to post these questions in forum and make more room for issues.

I will post my all other questions in forum.

many thanks.

Those are all very good questions! We'd encourage you to ask all of those in the Forums though, as the area here is for folks using Virtualmin Pro.

We monitor the Forums, and there's a lot of community members who help out there as well. Thanks!