password recovery does not work

I see the password recovery working fine for virtualmin but not usermin. All it does is direct you to virtualmin password recovery page. Can I get the correct link for the usermin. If this is not an option for usermin how can I remove the password recovery link from usermin login page?

using: CentOS Linux 7.3.1611 Webmin version 1.851 Usermin version 1.720 Virtualmin version 5.99

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Redirecting to the Virtualmin recovery page is actually what should happen - users should be able to enter their email address there.

For some reason the form was directing to recover the password for the main host and not the usermin direct email recovery. Inside /etc/usermin/custom-lang I had changed the link to read It redirects to the usermin email recovery system. Only problem now is that it will recover from the email address only and not the usermin user name that is used to log into usermin with.

Recovering Password

Password recovery failed : No mailbox matching username or email address was found

Another issue is when I receive the email from the password recovery it cuts out the part from the link. It reads https://:10000/virtualmin-password-recovery/email.cgi?id=numbershere

and the ironic part is that it shows the usermin account as user.domain the same username it would not accept in the form.

Which version of the Password Recovery plugin are you running there? You can see this in Virtuamin at System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

I don't see this installed through the Features and Plugins. I had installed this awhile back through ssh. It did actually work before the last update. I am realizing it doesn't now because I had to manual reset a password for a customer.

So it doesn't appear on Features and Plugins at all? That suggests that it isn't installed ..

Try running yum install wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery to install it.

That's how I installed it a few months ago. Was a request from a customer so I searched your site and found your suggestion on another post.

Package 2:wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery-1.7-1.noarch already installed and latest version Nothing to do

I can confirm that it is installed even though it's Not shown listed in features. *It was listed in System/ Virtualmin Password Recovery (would be nice to see the default email message in this section and the ability to change it) It will send the user their email password if they request only for the original password and use their email address to retrieve it.

It will not accept the usermin assigned username to reset password but will show it in the email after using the email address. It will not place the proper links back to the server to reset the password. Only give partial leaving out the domain name or hostname.domain.

I'm very surprised that a module is installed but doesn't show up on the Features and Plugins page.

Does the directory /usr/libexec/webmin/virtualmin-password-recovery exist on your system?

Hello Jamie, thanks for taking time to help with this issue.

I can confirm that the directory does exist in the specific location /usr/libexec/webmin/virtualmin-password-recovery

If this is strange to you? I was able to assign the link through webmin configuration/reassign modules

Doing further testing I can also confirm that even for virtualmin password reset the cgi will not pull the username but will send it in the email when using the recovery email address. So it looks like an cgi issue? Could it not be functioning correctly with virtual servers set to fcgid? *I just did a test run on an account using mod_php and still get "Password recovery failed : No mailbox matching username or email address was found"

Experiencing same issue on my system - "Password recovery failed : No mailbox matching username or email address was found", though valid email shows up in usermin (note: virtualmin has another bug that prevents this from being displayed/updated and in another thread)

Same issue here. Have you solved it anyway?