License not associated with a server

My order # Invoice No.: 33797 and my server are showing no license / no server associated. I think we had this problem before. is working fine



Howdy -- thank for contacting us!

Yeah, unfortunately on the initial purchase, the license number doesn't show up. The only place to see that is by going into the Software Licenses tab.

It should show up on your renewals though.

The license which needed renewal had "disappeared" so I bought a new one. Did that create an issue now where I need to do more to associate the newly purchased license with or can you do that?

Just to verify, is the license you purchased in Order #33797 the new license, or the old one?

However, in general applying a license to a server is something that would need to be done on your end there.

To do that, you can run a command such as this one:

virtualmin change-license --serial SERIAL_NUM --key KEY

Order 45593 placed today should be associated with the same server as was Order #33797. It would be wonderful if we did not have to key in a new association.

Ah, I see -- you shouldn't have to buy new licenses... typically, any license should be renewed automatically if it was purchased after 2016.

Did you by chance receive a notice about a problem renewing your license?

However, once you have a new license, it's not possible to use that to renew an older license.

The only thing you can do from there is to apply that new license to your server using the command shared above.

I'll review your account though to ensure things look good -- how many licenses should you have now though, and what licenses should they be?


Actually, the lack of email notifying me about expiring license was what created the problem. I can't explain, but a check of my email once again shows no communication from Virtualmin alerting me to an expiring license. I just noticed it today while logging in to the server and took action immediately. There should be two licenses total: a 100 user license for and a 50 user license for

Okay, I think that all makes sense then... I believe the expired license is "5559566".

Licenses purchased prior to 2016 can't be renewed, unfortunately (that particular license was purchased in 2014).

Additionally, there isn't a notification message that goes out for those, only for licenses purchased in 2016 or after.

For licenses purchased in 2016 and after, they will renew automatically, and any that experience an auto-renewal problem will generate an email to you.

Sorry for all the confusion and lack of notifications!

However, it appears you did everything correctly -- you would have needed to purchase a new license and apply that to your server regardless.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!