Webmin is failing to use the LetsEncrypt SSL certificate generated from "SSL Encryption" section.

Operating system Debian Linux 9
Webmin version 1.860
Usermin version 1.720
Virtualmin version 6.01-3

Steps taken to cause problem:

  1. Verified apache configuration is correct and working.
  2. Go to webmin/edit_ssl.cgi > Let's Encrypt
  3. Verify "Copy new key and certificate to Webmin?" set to Yes. Set all other options. Successfully generate SSL certificate.
  4. Restart webmin, still using default self-signed certificate.
  5. Restarted server. No change. Verified issue exists on multiple computers (not a cache issue)

Troubleshooting performed.

  1. Check directory:
  2. root@hostname:/etc/webmin# ls -la lets*
    -rw------- 1 root root 1647 Nov  7 20:37 letsencrypt-ca.pem
    -rw------- 1 root root 2151 Nov  7 20:37 letsencrypt-cert.pem
    -rw------- 1 root root 3247 Nov  7 20:37 letsencrypt-key.pem
  3. Verified files are correct, valid and working.
  4. Go back to webmin/edit_ssl.cgi, go to SSL Settings, verified settings are correct. The settings were already filled out properly. Hit Save, get error:
  5. "Failed to save SSL options : The SSL private key file /etc/webmin/letsencrypt-key.pem does not exist or does not contain a PEM format key"
  6. run chmod 777 /etc/webmin/letsencrypt-key.pem. Error still occurs. Revert chmod.

Possible cause: pem check is incorrect and causing webmin to use default miniserv certificate.



I am seeing the same thing on 1.872

I'm still getting this on the latest version too

Even on version 1.900 ?

Hi Jamie

Sorry for late reply, have been away on leave, and only saw the email this morning.... Yes I'm currently on version 1.900