Mailman Error

When trying to access a Mailman mailing list to manage it, we get the following error in the Mailman Error Log. Also see the attached screen shot of the the error when accessing through Virtualmin or Webmin..

The only thing I can think of that has changed is a recent update to Python. Not sure if this is the cause or not.

Accessing the mailing list from the direct URL "" does allow you to log in and manage the list. This is just going through Webmin or Virtualmin interface.

Error message from Mailman error log.

Dec 12 11:39:07 2017 admin(28753): @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ admin(28753): [----- Mailman Version: 2.1.16 -----] admin(28753): [----- Traceback ------] admin(28753): Traceback (most recent call last): admin(28753): File "/var/lib/mailman/scripts/driver", line 117, in run_main admin(28753): main() admin(28753): File "/var/lib/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/", line 93, in main admin(28753): params = cgidata.keys() admin(28753): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 582, in keys admin(28753): raise TypeError, "not indexable" admin(28753): TypeError: not indexable admin(28753): [----- Python Information -----] admin(28753): sys.version = 2.7.6 (default, Nov 23 2017, 15:50:55) [GCC 4.8.4] admin(28753): sys.executable = /usr/bin/python admin(28753): sys.prefix = /usr admin(28753): sys.exec_prefix = /usr admin(28753): sys.path = ['/var/lib/mailman/pythonlib', '/var/lib/mailman', '/usr/lib/mailman/scripts', '/var/lib/mailman', '/usr/lib/python2.7/', '/usr/lib/python2.7/plat-i386-linux-gnu', '/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-tk', '/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-old', '/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload', '/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages'] admin(28753): sys.platform = linux2 admin(28753): [----- Environment Variables -----] admin(28753): DOCUMENT_REALROOT: /usr/share/webmin admin(28753): HTTP_COOKIE: redirect=1; testing=1 admin(28753): SERVER_SOFTWARE: MiniServ/1.870 admin(28753): SCRIPT_NAME: /virtualmin-mailman/admin.cgi admin(28753): SHELL: /bin/sh admin(28753): REQUEST_METHOD: POST admin(28753): LOGNAME: www-data admin(28753): USER: www-data admin(28753): HTTP_ORIGIN: admin(28753): SERVER_PROTOCOL: HTTP/1.0 admin(28753): QUERY_STRING:
admin(28753): HOME: /var/www admin(28753): PATH_REALTRANSLATED: /usr/share/webmin/daup_eoc_external admin(28753): SERVER_REALROOT: /usr/share/webmin admin(28753): CONTENT_LENGTH: 18 admin(28753): BASE_REMOTE_USER:
admin(28753): REMOTE_USER: dscully admin(28753): HTTP_CONNECTION: keep-alive admin(28753): HTTP_REFERER: admin(28753): SERVER_NAME: admin(28753): REMOTE_ADDR: admin(28753): HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE: text/plain;charset=UTF-8 admin(28753): SERVER_ROOT: /usr/share/webmin admin(28753): PATH_TRANSLATED: /usr/share/webmin/daup_eoc_external admin(28753): SERVER_PORT: 10000 admin(28753): WEBMIN_VAR: /var/webmin admin(28753): DOCUMENT_ROOT: /usr/share/webmin admin(28753): LANG: en_US.UTF-8 admin(28753): XDG_RUNTIME_DIR: /run/user/33 admin(28753): HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH: XMLHttpRequest admin(28753): HTTP_X_PJAX_CONTAINER: [data-dcontainer] admin(28753): PYTHONPATH: /var/lib/mailman admin(28753): SCRIPT_FILENAME: /usr/share/webmin/virtualmin-mailman/admin.cgi admin(28753): SERVER_ADMIN:
admin(28753): PERLLIB: /usr/share/webmin admin(28753): HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/62.0.3202.94 Safari/537.36 admin(28753): HTTP_HOST: admin(28753): HTTPS: ON admin(28753): XDG_SESSION_ID: c1248 admin(28753): HTTP_CONTENT_LENGTH: 18 admin(28753): REQUEST_URI: /virtualmin-mailman/admin.cgi/daup_eoc_external admin(28753): HTTP_ACCEPT: text/html, /; q=0.01 admin(28753): GATEWAY_INTERFACE: CGI/1.1 admin(28753): WEBMIN_CONFIG: /etc/webmin admin(28753): HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE: en-US,en;q=0.9 admin(28753): HTTP_X_PJAX: true admin(28753): HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING: gzip, deflate, br admin(28753): PWD: /usr/share/webmin/virtualmin-mailman/ admin(28753): MINISERV_CONFIG: /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf admin(28753): CONTENT_TYPE: text/plain;charset=UTF-8 admin(28753): REMOTE_ADDR_PROTOCOL: 4 admin(28753): MAIL: /var/mail/www-data admin(28753): REMOTE_HOST: admin(28753): MINISERV_PID: 3210 admin(28753): PATH_INFO: /daup_eoc_external

Closed (fixed)


A python update may have caused this. Which version did you upgrade from and to?

Would there be a log where I can see the updates. To be honest, I just ran the latest update and and I recall python was part of one of the recent updates.

The package updates are shown in /var/log/apt, in the "history.log" files.

Also, what is the output of this command:

dpkg -l 'python*'

Here is the log from an 11/30 update which included some python updates. I can't say for sure this was the most recent, but it is the most recent in the logs.

Start-Date: 2017-11-30 11:21:02 Commandline: apt-get -y install curl libcurl3 libcurl3-gnutls libpython2.7 libpython2.7-dev libpython2.7-minimal libpython2.7-stdlib libpython3.4-minimal libpython3.4-stdlib libxcursor1 mailman python2.7 python2.7-dev python2.7-minimal python3.4 python3.4-minimal Upgrade: libpython2.7-minimal:i386 (2.7.6-8ubuntu0.3, 2.7.6-8ubuntu0.4), python2.7:i386 (2.7.6-8ubuntu0.3, 2.7.6-8ubuntu0.4), libpython2.7-stdlib:i386 (2.7.6-8ubuntu0.3, 2.7.6-8ubuntu0.4), libcurl3:i386 (7.35.0-1ubuntu2.12, 7.35.0-1ubuntu2.13), libpython2.7-dev:i386 (2.7.6-8ubuntu0.3, 2.7.6-8ubuntu0.4), python3.4-minimal:i386 (3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.5, 3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.6), curl:i386 (7.35.0-1ubuntu2.12, 7.35.0-1ubuntu2.13), libpython3.4-stdlib:i386 (3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.5, 3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.6), libcurl3-gnutls:i386 (7.35.0-1ubuntu2.12, 7.35.0-1ubuntu2.13), libpython3.4-minimal:i386 (3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.5, 3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.6), python2.7-minimal:i386 (2.7.6-8ubuntu0.3, 2.7.6-8ubuntu0.4), mailman:i386 (2.1.16-2ubuntu0.2, 2.1.16-2ubuntu0.3), python2.7-dev:i386 (2.7.6-8ubuntu0.3, 2.7.6-8ubuntu0.4), libpython2.7:i386 (2.7.6-8ubuntu0.3, 2.7.6-8ubuntu0.4), libxcursor1:i386 (1.1.14-1, 1.1.14-1ubuntu0.14.04.1), python3.4:i386 (3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.5, 3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.6) End-Date: 2017-11-30 11:21:31

Below is the results of the command

pac203@host1:~$ dpkg -l 'python*' Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend |/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad) ||/ Name Version Architecture Description +++-==================-==============-==============-========================================== ii python 2.7.5-5ubuntu3 i386 interactive high-level object-oriented lan un python-4suite (no description available) un python-all (no description available) un python-all-dbg (no description available) un python-all-dev (no description available) ii python-apport 2.14.1-0ubuntu all Python library for Apport crash report han ii python-apt i386 Python interface to libapt-pkg ii python-apt-common all Python interface to libapt-pkg (locales) un python-apt-dbg (no description available) un python-apt-doc (no description available) un python-aptdaemon (no description available) un python-argparse (no description available) un python-bz2 (no description available) ii python-bzrlib 2.6.0+bzr6593- i386 distributed version control system - pytho un python-bzrlib-dbg (no description available) un python-bzrlib.test (no description available) un python-cdd (no description available) rc python-central 0.6.17ubuntu2 all register and build utility for Python pack ii python-chardet 2.0.1-2build2 all universal character encoding detector ii python-configobj 4.7.2+ds-5buil all simple but powerful config file reader and ii python-crypto 2.6.1-4ubuntu0 i386 cryptographic algorithms and protocols for un python-crypto-dbg (no description available) un python-crypto-doc (no description available) un python-csv (no description available) un python-ctypes (no description available) un python-dbg (no description available) ii python-dbus 1.2.0-2build2 i386 simple interprocess messaging system (Pyth un python-dbus-common (no description available) un python-dbus-dbg (no description available) ii python-dbus-dev 1.2.0-2build2 all main loop integration development files fo un python-dbus-doc (no description available) un python-deb822 (no description available) ii python-debian 0.1.21+nmu2ubu all Python modules to work with Debian-related ii python-dev 2.7.5-5ubuntu3 i386 header files and a static library for Pyth un python-distribute (no description available) un python-distribute- (no description available) un python-doc (no description available) un python-dogtail (no description available) un python-email (no description available) un python-examples (no description available) un python-gdata (no description available) ii python-gdbm 2.7.5-1ubuntu1 i386 GNU dbm database support for Python un python-gdbm-dbg (no description available) ii python-gi 3.12.0-1ubuntu i386 Python 2.x bindings for gobject-introspect un python-gi-cairo (no description available) un python-glade2 (no description available) ii python-gobject 3.12.0-1ubuntu all Python 2.x bindings for GObject - transiti ii python-gobject-2 2.28.6-12build i386 deprecated static Python bindings for the un python-gobject-2-d (no description available) un python-gpgme (no description available) un python-gtk2 (no description available) ii python-httplib2 0.8-2build1 all comprehensive HTTP client library written un python-importlib (no description available) un python-kde4 (no description available) un python-kerberos (no description available) un python-keyczar (no description available) ii python-keyring 3.5-1 all store and access your passwords safely ii python-launchpadli 1.10.2+ds-2 all Launchpad web services client library ii python-lazr.restfu 0.13.3-1build1 all client for lazr.restful-based web services ii python-lazr.uri 1.0.3-1build1 all library for parsing, manipulating, and gen un python-mini-buildd (no description available) ii python-minimal 2.7.5-5ubuntu3 i386 minimal subset of the Python language (def un python-nautilus (no description available) ii python-newt 0.52.15-2ubunt i386 NEWT module for Python ii python-oauth 1.0.1-3build2 all Python library implementing of the OAuth p ii python-openssl 0.13-2ubuntu6 i386 Python 2 wrapper around the OpenSSL librar un python-openssl-dbg (no description available) un python-openssl-doc (no description available) ii python-pam 0.4.2-13.1ubun i386 Python interface to the PAM library un python-pam-dbg (no description available) ii python-paramiko 1.10.1-1git1bu all Make ssh v2 connections with Python (Pytho un python-parted (no description available) ii python-pexpect 3.1-1ubuntu0.1 all Python module for automating interactive a un python-pexpect-doc (no description available) un python-pip (no description available) ii python-pkg-resourc 3.3-1ubuntu2 all Package Discovery and Resource Access usin ii python-problem-rep 2.14.1-0ubuntu all Python library to handle problem reports un python-profiler (no description available) ii python-pycurl 7.19.3-0ubuntu i386 Python bindings to libcurl un python-pycurl-dbg (no description available) un python-qt3 (no description available) un python-qt4-dbus (no description available) ii python-requests 2.2.1-1ubuntu0 all elegant and simple HTTP library for Python ii python-secretstora 2.0.0-1ubuntu1 all Python module for storing secrets - Python un python-secretstora (no description available) ii python-serial 2.6-1build1 all pyserial - module encapsulating access for ii python-setuptools 3.3-1ubuntu2 all Python Distutils Enhancements ii python-simplejson 3.3.1-1ubuntu6 i386 simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/deco ii python-six 1.5.2-1ubuntu1 all Python 2 and 3 compatibility library (Pyth ii python-smartpm 1.4-2 i386 Python library of the Smart Package Manage un python-software-pr (no description available) rc python-support 1.0.14ubuntu2 all automated rebuilding support for Python mo ii python-talloc 2.1.5-0ubuntu0 i386 hierarchical pool based memory allocator - un python-testresourc (no description available) un python-tk (no description available) ii python-twisted-bin 13.2.0-1ubuntu i386 Event-based framework for internet applica un python-twisted-bin (no description available) ii python-twisted-cor 13.2.0-1ubuntu all Event-based framework for internet applica ii python-urllib3 1.7.1-1ubuntu4 all HTTP library with thread-safe connection p ii python-virtualenv 1.11.4-1ubuntu all Python virtual environment creator un python-vte (no description available) ii python-wadllib 1.3.2-2build1 all Python library for navigating WADL files un python-wsgiref (no description available) un python-wxgtk (no description available) un python-wxgtk2.8 (no description available) ii python-xapian 1.2.16-2ubuntu i386 Xapian search engine interface for Python un python-xdg (no description available) un python-zope (no description available) ii python-zope.interf 4.0.5-1ubuntu4 i386 Interfaces for Python un python-zopeinterfa (no description available) un python2.3-gdbm (no description available) un python2.4-dbus (no description available) un python2.4-gdbm (no description available) un python2.5-minimal (no description available) rc python2.6 2.6.5-1ubuntu6 i386 An interactive high-level object-oriented un python2.6-celement (no description available) un python2.6-cjkcodec (no description available) un python2.6-ctypes (no description available) un python2.6-doc (no description available) un python2.6-elementt (no description available) rc python2.6-minimal 2.6.5-1ubuntu6 i386 A minimal subset of the Python language (v un python2.6-profiler (no description available) un python2.6-wsgiref (no description available) ii python2.7 2.7.6-8ubuntu0 i386 Interactive high-level object-oriented lan un python2.7-apt (no description available) un python2.7-argparse (no description available) un python2.7-bzrlib (no description available) un python2.7-celement (no description available) un python2.7-cjkcodec (no description available) un python2.7-crypto (no description available) un python2.7-ctypes (no description available) un python2.7-dbus (no description available) ii python2.7-dev 2.7.6-8ubuntu0 i386 Header files and a static library for Pyth un python2.7-doc (no description available) un python2.7-elementt (no description available) un python2.7-gdbm (no description available) un python2.7-gi (no description available) un python2.7-gobject (no description available) un python2.7-gobject- (no description available) ii python2.7-minimal 2.7.6-8ubuntu0 i386 Minimal subset of the Python language (ver un python2.7-newt (no description available) un python2.7-oauth (no description available) un python2.7-paramiko (no description available) un python2.7-profiler (no description available) un python2.7-setuptoo (no description available) un python2.7-simplejs (no description available) un python2.7-smartpm (no description available) un python2.7-talloc (no description available) un python2.7-twisted- (no description available) un python2.7-twisted- (no description available) un python2.7-wsgiref (no description available) un python2.7-xapian (no description available) un (no description available) ii python3 3.4.0-0ubuntu2 i386 interactive high-level object-oriented lan un python3-all (no description available) un python3-all-dbg (no description available) un python3-all-dev (no description available) ii python3-apparmor 2.10.95-0ubunt i386 AppArmor Python3 utility library ii python3-apport 2.14.1-0ubuntu all Python 3 library for Apport crash report h ii python3-apt i386 Python 3 interface to libapt-pkg un python3-apt-dbg (no description available) ii python3-commandnot 0.3ubuntu12 all Python 3 bindings for command-not-found. un python3-dbg (no description available) ii python3-dbus 1.2.0-2build2 i386 simple interprocess messaging system (Pyth un python3-dbus-dbg (no description available) un python3-dbus.mainl (no description available) un python3-dev (no description available) ii python3-distupgrad 1:0.220.9 all manage release upgrades un python3-doc (no description available) un python3-examples (no description available) ii python3-gdbm:i386 3.4.3-1~14.04. i386 GNU dbm database support for Python 3.x un python3-gdbm-dbg (no description available) ii python3-gi 3.12.0-1ubuntu i386 Python 3 bindings for gobject-introspectio un python3-gobject (no description available) un python3-launchpadl (no description available) ii python3-libapparmo 2.10.95-0ubunt i386 AppArmor library Python3 bindings ii python3-minimal 3.4.0-0ubuntu2 i386 minimal subset of the Python language (def ii python3-newt 0.52.15-2ubunt i386 NEWT module for Python3 ii python3-pkg-resour 3.3-1ubuntu2 all Package Discovery and Resource Access usin ii python3-problem-re 2.14.1-0ubuntu all Python 3 library to handle problem reports un python3-profiler (no description available) ii python3-pycurl 7.19.3-0ubuntu i386 Python 3 bindings to libcurl un python3-pycurl-dbg (no description available) un python3-setuptools (no description available) ii python3-software-p all manage the repositories that you install s un python3-tk (no description available) ii python3-update-man 1:0.196.24 all python 3.x module for update-manager un python3-urllib3 (no description available) un python3.0 (no description available) un python3.1 (no description available) un python3.1-minimal (no description available) ii python3.4 3.4.3-1ubuntu1 i386 Interactive high-level object-oriented lan un python3.4-apt (no description available) un python3.4-dbus (no description available) un python3.4-doc (no description available) un python3.4-gdbm (no description available) ii python3.4-minimal 3.4.3-1ubuntu1 i386 Minimal subset of the Python language (ver un python3.4-newt (no description available) un python3.4-pycurl (no description available) un python3.4-setuptoo (no description available) un python3.4-venv (no description available)

Another user reported this, and correlated it with a Webmin upgrade. Could that be also the trigger on your system?

It could be. I did upgrade Webmin when the update was posted and would correlate to the approximate time when the error started.

Ok, this is being actively investigated .. will update soon.

as jamie is aware, i've seen this as well. tracking this issue now.

i have just found out that even though the initial errors are gone, mailman still isn't working. on centos 6 any changes are silently ignored. on centos 7, you get an error of:

Error: The form lifetime has expired. (request forgery check)

so something is still not right. unfortunately a number of systems i deal with can't use the pure mailman interface because the web site is hosted elsewhere.

Status: Fixed ยป Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.