Multiple Versions of PHP installed by virtualmin

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#1 Tue, 10/24/2006 - 23:06

Multiple Versions of PHP installed by virtualmin

I"m having horrible problems with some critical packages that just stopped working. Its a long list but all the Drupal installs decided they couldn't find GD. and on and on. This was from the yum log at around the time it all started. Oct 21 22:31:39 Installed: php4.i386 4.3.11-2.6vm Oct 21 22:31:39 Installed: php4-domxml.i386 4.3.11-2.6vm Oct 21 22:31:40 Installed: php4-pear.i386 4.3.11-2.6vm Oct 21 22:32:58 Installed: php4-imap.i386 4.3.11-2.6vm Oct 21 22:35:21 Installed: php4-mysql.i386 4.3.11-2.6vm A QUICK rpm -qa revealed these relevant entries. Note I'm showing the ones I think are important here with[<<<**** php-gd-4.3.11-2.8 php-mbstring-4.3.11-2.8 gpg-pubkey-b6d6aef5-43be5116 mplayer-1.0pre8-1 httpd-2.0.54-11.5.vm[<<<**** usermin-1.230-1 clamav-0.88.4-1.vm.fc4 proftpd-1.3.0-6.fc4 httpd-manual-2.0.54-11.5.vm php4-4.3.11-2.6vm[<<<**** php4-mysql-4.3.11-2.6vm[<<<**** php-4.3.11-2.8[<<<**** php-imap-4.3.11-2.8 php-mysql-4.3.11-2.8[<<<**** php-pear-4.3.11-2.8[<<<**** php-devel-4.3.11-2.8 php4-domxml-4.3.11-2.6vm php4-imap-4.3.11-2.6vm[<<<**** php-xmlrpc-4.3.11-2.8 php-odbc-4.3.11-2.8 I got GD to work by putting the reference in the php.ini directly. Also I have a new php.ini which is in etc/php4

Its these two entries at the same time on the same machine that seem to be at issue. What is this, how could it happen and how can i fix? Thanks

php-4.3.11-2.8[<<<**** php4-4.3.11-2.6vm[<<<****
Tue, 10/24/2006 - 23:45
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Hi John,

I've commented on this in your bug on the issue, but I'll make a few comments here just in case others are finding themselves in similar trouble:

First up, you got the php4 packages from us when you installed Virtualmin Professional. On some platforms (more to come soon), we have specially built PHP packages that can coexist with the other version (whether 4 or 5, whatever comes with the OS). The php-4.3.11-2.8 packages, however, are from a source that I don't know. I can't answer any question about what they're doing or where they put stuff.

To get php GD for our php4 packages, all you need to do is install the library:

yum install php4-gd

And reload Apache:

service httpd reload

I suspect you just need to figure out which PHP package you want to use, and make sure your /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf or /etc/httpd/conf.d/php4.conf is pointing to your preferred installation--and no others. You'll possibly have both of those files and they'll both be pointing to different PHP versions. That's a problem. I've only ever seen such a configuration crash Apache, but it might have other odd side effects. It's also possible that you've added the basic PHP configuration to'll need to remove it, if so...only one set of AddType rules should be in effect (you'll just confuse yourself otherwise).

I'd probably recommend you use our php4 packages since our virtualmin-base package depends on it. While you can safely remove virtualmin-base now that the installation is done, we also use it to add other packages to your system automatically as we add features to the system.


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