Script Installer for Grav

The self-contained CMS Grav ( is becoming more and more popular. Are there any plans to provide a script installer for it?



Is it just a PHP app with no unusual dependencies?

Grav has no dependencies at all. It is a self-contained set of files. Please check, there are two main basic entry points aka downloads: Grav without and Grav with Admin Plugin. There is also a multitude of so called skeletons, but a basic "Grav" / "Grav + Admin" would absolutely do in order to get people up and running.

Did you find the time to check out whether a Grav script installer could make it into one of the next releases?

Vince42, I'll give Jamie a hand reviewing grav... one of the questions he'll have is regarding dependencies.

It looks fairly minimal, and doesn't even require a database -- but I do see that they seem to want some PHP modules.

Which PHP modules did you end up enabling on your system?

Looking at this page here:

I see there's 11 or so PHP modules they mention... did you find that you needed to install all of those? I wasn't even sure what some where, such as simplexml and gtype.

However, they may be part of other modules, or even compiled into PHP.

I hardly remember which modules I did install ... I think that Grav is complaining about the missing modules explicitly and I think that I just installed the complaint modules and were up and running.

Indeed this CMS has very few dependencies (which makes it very nice for little projects). Still trying to figure out some concepts, but it is really neat.

I am also very interested in Grav as a scriptable install/update.

Are there any news on this topic?

Are there any news on this topic?