Addon Hard Disk Drive not reading

Hi Virtualmin

I may have a problem regarding my addon hard disk drive. I am suppose to have 150 GB (100 GB from server, 50 GB Addon) on my server however when I view the system information of my server. There's only 100 GB on the local disk space and the 50GB is missing. May you please assist me in loading the 50GB addon. Thank You.





Howdy -- hmm, are you saying that the 50GB you aren't seeing is an additional disk drive that isn't showing up anywhere?

Is it a physical disk? Or is this a virtual disk provided by a VPS provider?

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Submitted by PresPhuture on Sun, 02/25/2018 - 10:58

It is a virtual disk provided by a VPS provider. I spoke to my ISP and they say that the addon is active on my server.

If you go to Webmin -> Hardware -> Partitions on Local Disks, what size does it show the disk as? And what size are the partitions on it?

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Submitted by PresPhuture on Mon, 02/26/2018 - 02:34

File: screenshot-portall.co_.za_10000-2018-02-26-10-32-10.png

I've sent you an image to answer your question.

The third device in your screenshot (SCSI device C) doesn't appear to have any partitions setup on it yet.

That may be your missing space -- you may just need to a partition to that device, format the partition, and then mount it in order to use the space on it.

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Submitted by PresPhuture on Mon, 02/26/2018 - 14:45

File: screenshot-portall.co_.za_10000-2018-02-26-10-32-10.png
File: screenshot-portall.co_.za_10000-2018-02-26-10-32-10.png
File: portall.png
File: portall0.png
File: portall1.png
File: portall2.png

Hi I've managed to format and partition the disk. Now I would like to know is where should I mount the partition.

What are you hoping to use that space for?

That is, where would you like it mounted?

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Submitted by PresPhuture on Thu, 03/01/2018 - 01:03

I would like to include it as the local disk space. Thank you.

Ah, while it is technically possible to combine multiple drives into one when they're all using LVM, that's getting a bit outside the scope of what we can help with as part of Virtualmin support.

It's a fairly complicated procedure to do that, and we'd need to ensure that all partitions are using it.

My suggestion would be to either have your VPS provider make your primary drive larger, or, we can pick a specific location to mount that new 50GB drive.