How to change services from GLP to PRO

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#1 Thu, 02/08/2007 - 10:53

How to change services from GLP to PRO

I'm planning on changing my server services to a brand new machine that's going to run Virtualmin PRO. How do I change easily web, database, ssh, email and name services from Virtualmin GPL (Virtualmin 3.23 and webmin 1.300). Now my name services are are elsewhere but I'm planning on using the old machine as ns2 and make the new machine also primary name server.

Where do I start? Should I upgrade my old machine to newest virtualmin and webmin versions before the change? Can the data change be made using virtualmin backup/restore functions? Can this be done with services online all the time?

My plan is to 1. first instal Virtualmin PRO to new machine 2. block users from making changes in old machine (block ssh) 3. Take data dump from old machine and run it into new one 4. Configure name services on new server 5. Change domains pointing to new machine 6. Wait couple of days and now old machine is free 7. Synchronize name services from new to old machine 8. Register my machines as name servers at registrar

I don't know much about name services with Bind and I also wonder what happens to emails in that change.