Thunderbird is loading "" certificate

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#1 Wed, 06/13/2018 - 08:56

Thunderbird is loading "" certificate

Howdy all, Background first: Migrated my VPS from CentOS 6.9 to CentOS 7.x using the Virtualmin Backup and Restore, which worked nicely. There are 3 domains on the VPS realdomain1.tld, realdomain2.tld and realdomain3.tld The FQDN of the VPS is node1.realdomain1.tld and the reverse lookup DNS for the IP is mail.realdomain1.tld. Lets Encrypt is locked to realdomain1.tld for mail and server administration and yes I have only 1 public facing IP for all domains.

For a week after the migration all worked as expected with Thunderbird. Yesterday, however, after rebooting my notebook thunderbird tries to connect to my VPS mail.realdomain2.tld but gets the is the actual name) certificate sent to it.

In the past when Thunderbird would connect it would see the mail.realdoamin2.tld and show the LE cert attached to mail.realdomain1.tld, which worked fine because I didn't have to put in any security exceptions for the connection.

So the question is why a week after the migration did this issue occur and how do I get the proper LE cert sent to Thunderbird?? FTR, after migration I did use the builtin Virtualmin buttons Copy to Postfix, Dovecot, Webmin etc. so the LE cert should be in all the proper locations.

Thanks for any help, Joe