Password change in Virtualmin Replication


I noticed that a password change on a Virtual server in my Primary Virtualmin Server isn't replicated to the Secondary Virtualmin Server by Cloudmin's Virtual Server Replication. Is this right and it normally shouldn't be able to do so or is something wrong with my configuration.




Was this a change to the password of the domain's primary login, or for a mailbox? All password changes should be replicated - if not, that sounds like a bug.

This was a password change of the domain's primary login. What needs to be done to fix the bug...

In your setup, are home directories, MySQL databases or users already replicated between the two systems via NFS or LDAP? Or are they completely independent.

Home directory is on an NFS share (we don't have MySQL databases yet) that is accessible and used by both Servers. So, during Virtual Server replication setup, i selected the Home Directory as a Feature not to be replicated (All except selected features.. option).

I do not use LDAP.

Hello Support,

Any update on this?