Do not blindly add quota mount options to fstab

After running the Virtualmin installer, i see quota mount options appearing in the fstab. Before UUID=8cea735f-a2de-42e3-98ea-bd307652ad2e / btrfs ssd,discard,compress=lzo 0 1

After UUID=8cea735f-a2de-42e3-98ea-bd307652ad2e / btrfs compress=lzo,ssd,discard,space_cache,usrquota,quota,subvol=/,grpquota,relatime,subvolid=5,rw 0 1

Adding the usrquota, quota and grpquota mount options is not working with btrfs and will make the system unbootable!

Webmin/Virtualmin should respect the capabilities of the Filesystems and i.e. disable quota support if it is not supported by the FS.



This is either an installer or Webmin bug..

On BTRFS, what mount options are needed to enable disk quotas?