Unix user/group creation is skipped during Restore when system is setup with LDAP

When restoring backups to a latest/fresh Virtualmin system configured to use LDAP, Unix user/group creation is skipped altogether. Debugging the restore/creation process, I found that a wrong comparison operator (== instead of eq for string) is used in feature-unix.pl:25.

virtual-server/feature-unix.pl 22:30

# Check if the UID or GID has been allocated to someone else, and if so
# re-allocate them. Also allocate if they haven't been done yet.
local @allusers = &list_all_users();
local ($uclash) = grep { $_->{'user'} == $_[0]->{'user'} } @allusers;
if ($uclash && &remote_unix() && $_[0]->{'wasmissing'}) {
# Domain is being re-created as part of a restore and users are stored
# remotely, and the user already exists. Assume shared LDAP storage.
goto QUOTAS;

This causes $uclash to populate with a wrong match, and results in assuming that "the user already exists" when remote_unix() is also true.

This bug is not visible when LDAP is not used. In that case, remote_unix() evaluates to false and the code continues to work with proper creation of Unix user/group.

Suggested fix is to use "eq" instead of "==" for username comparison:

local ($uclash) = grep { $->{'user'} eq $[0]->{'user'} } @allusers;

Closed (fixed)


Closed (fixed)

Thanks! I will include this in the next Virtualmin release.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.