Restore backup not working

Hello, I'm tryng to restore a backup on a new server and it's not working, it does not do anything.

In miniserv.error I found:

[07/Dec/2018:04:27:07 +0100] [] /virtual-server/restore.cgi : Perl execution failed : Experimental keys on scalar is now forbidden at /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/restore.cgi line 160.

From command line ( it's works apparently ok.

Yesterday it works ok. I think I have updated webmin today, I'm not sure...

Any solutions?

Thank you!

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Title: Restore backing not working » Restore backup not working

I confirm that. My system is debian 9 and latest virtualmin software. But... the shell command virtualmin restore-domain work.

The patch works perfect. Thank you!

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Another work-around is to use the virtualmin restore-domain shell API command.

The patch fix still doesn't work in Safari which this function hasn't done for a good few months since and update potentially to Authentic.

In Chrome the patch is fine.

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